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Dr. Rima Laibow. Who Plans To Vaccinate Everyone With 500 New "Vaccines" By 2030

  - 1:08:26

Dr. Rima Laibow. Who Plans To Vaccinate Everyone With 500 New "Vaccines" By 2030






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October 4th 2022  

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- a month ago  

This INSANE vicious nonsense will not stop until we, every citizen, says it stops. DO NOT COMPLY!! It stops when WE stop it from happening. 🛑STOP🛑 rolling up your sleeve. 🛑STOP🛑 with the peer pressure. 🛑STOP🛑 with anything that has to do with these bioweapon shots because they are NOT vaccines. There's strength in numbers, and there are more of us than there are of them pushing this insanity! It is when we 🛑STOP🛑 that they will 🛑STIO🛑.


- a month ago  

Dr. Rima Laibow - is she a cover agent - she failed to name the 'they' or 'powers that be' - its the Vatican Jesuits - she knows but chose to hide them - is she an agent.


- 2 months ago  

Bucket list question for Dr Rima - did you see the leaked doc in which states the DOD owns the vax & distributed them to Big Pharma (Operation warp speed yeah right)


- 2 months ago  

HOW MANY PEOPLE WORK FOR WHO? is about one for every 10,000 mean to tell me that we could not eliminate these parasites in a single day...with sticks and stones? just publish the the who.....tomorrow the after..... the world bank etc etc etc etc etc........!


- 2 months ago  

Look, we all have to eventually die, they just want you to go first ! They've made a concoction with a legal avenue to allow you by convincing you that's it's time for you to roll-out ! Anything that alarms other practitioners about the concoction, they'll threaten them with their license. Any person who complains will be subjected to psychological evaluations, which means you'll be dead before they can give you an analysis about your condition.


- a month ago  

The Testament of Matthew: Whosoever says lunatic* is condemned to hellfire. *demon possessed, crazy, mentally ill. This was the vessels of the wrath of Allaha completing a two pronged task: 1) Condemning themselves to hellfire; and 2) The completion of the priesthood of Our Brothers. There are millions of prophets and prophetesses here whose destiny was to become High Priests of Allaha and My Anointed One. Repent in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene! Amen.


- 2 months ago  

Nobody enters into any treaty without putting into the writing of the treaty a statement giving the right to break the treaty, usually with a simple mechanism like giving notice of so many months before leaving it. In fact, not to have such a statement would be illegal in a sovereign country because the government of that country would be handing over the sovereign rights of its citizens to the dictates of a foreign agency or country.