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After A Woman And Her Two Children Were Escorted Out Of A Mall In Grande Prairie, Alberta Last Week

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After A Woman And Her Two Children Were Escorted Out Of A Mall In Grande Prairie, Alberta Last Week For Not Wearing A Mask.POWER IN NUMBERS!






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December 15th 2021  

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- a year ago  

They don't want to identify themselves because they live in the community and they're ashamed of what they're doing.


- a year ago  

Local police station: Hello, This is the Police, can I help you? Citizen: Yes, I was just robbed and beaten by a group of burly men. They got all of my money and took my car. Local police station: I'm sorry. We'll get to your case as soon as we can. We have more pressing issues right now. Citizen: Really. Is this a crime wave? Are there more victims from the same guys who attacked me. Local police station: Sir, we have people down at the mall not wearing masks and we've got to get that under control before we deal with you and your stupid assault and robbery.


- a year ago  

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- a year ago  

The goons in black are breaking the law by not identifying themselves ... which they will have to do in court anyways. After this is revealed, the 'cases' will have to be thrown out for procedural infringements. All in all, a massive waste of time and resources which taxpayers are obliged to fund. Meanwhile, real crimes which need investigation are pushed to the bottom of the pile. This shower of shits are showing that they are thugs and not acting under their oaths as constables. Therefore, they are imposters and deserve to have their authority challenged and removed. If the face nappy wearing goons stuck a CO2 meter up their masks they would see that the CO2 concentration is probably 7000 ppm or more. You should not be allowed to continue working at that concentration at any place of work covered by health and safety legislation ..... which is true for RCMP and Police as well as health workers, as this can have serious health consequences and impair decision making ability. Clearly these fascist lackeys' brains are NOT working properly as they are actually breaking several of their own laws and procedural codes as well as international law. In addition, if they looked at mask efficacy studies, they would see that, not only are masks harmful but they also do nothing significant to halt the spread of anything. They are culpable of doing harm by insisting anyone wear one .... but then, they don't care because they think they're untouchable. People have and are waking up to this bullshit ... and these arrogant bullies better think on that.