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Max Igan- Musician, Insightful Observer, Lover Of Life & Freedom, Activist Sage

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Max Igan: Musician, Insightful Observer, Lover Of Life & Freedom, Activist Sage | Richard Sacks Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/20/22 Listen online: Max Igan was born in Australia in 1958, and has been a keen observer, looking at society from outside the mainstream for a long time. I first became aware of his work when I was a co-host on Geoengineeringwatch Radio with Dane Wigington, who continues his tireless work to expose the crime of geoengineering to this day ( Max Igan was writing then about the poisoning of our biosphere by geoengineering, and he still works to help the public awaken to this part of the global extermination program ( Max has also used his self-taught artistic and video production skills to create some incredible videos on related issues like the use of weaponized 5G and 6G wireless technologies to help usher in global slavery and destruction of all life ( Now during the global fake "pandemic" that is being used as an excuse for enslavement and mass murder, Max is also spreading awareness of the COVID hoax and the deadly vaccine. Many of his great videos, on these subjects and more, can be watched on his channel ( His own website ( gives us insight into the unique life and perception of a man who has been willing to pay the price of being honest and true to himself. Having recently escaped from his native Australia as the tyranny closed in, he is coming to you this weekend from Mexico. He'll be updating us on his own plans, and sharing his views of what our global rulers are doing to humanity now, and our bet hopes to reverse the course of events while there is still time. Source:






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