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Chatter #232 - Melissa Ciummei on Financial Reset, Digital ID and a Social Credit System

  - 1:16:52

Mirrored from (with lots of links): Melissa Ciummei first came across my radar after I saw her speak at an anti-vaccine passport protest in Belfast. Once I delved further into her work, I saw that Melissa was discussing ideas of good and evil, financial reset, and above all, she was warning about the dangers of digital ID and a centralised system of control from the government based around smart cities and the promise of integration. I wanted to discuss this properly, not in a conspiratorial way, but in a way that lays out how the digital ID programs are being slowly eased into our system, why they aren't being discussed, and what the dangers are of a centralised system. 0:00 - Intro 1:44 - Who is Melissa Ciummei? 4:10 - What is money? 2008 crash 7:11 - The pre-pandemic financial problems/inflation and QE 12:03 - Being paid to stay at home/debt-based growth 20:09 - Agenda 2030/WEF CBDCs 30:06 - Bitcoin Hodlers/Can the government regulate crypto? 36:30 - Pro human future/WEF digital ID 44:54 - Human body mining crypto/NI Civic dollars/Social credit system 53:48 - Belfast as a World Economic Forum Smart City/Belfast as a city 1:01:18 - Humanity heading for a crisis/staying positive about the future 1:10:08 - Rebelious soul






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