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A nurse is explaining what these clot shots are doing to the immune system! Listen Closely!!!

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September 27th 2021  

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Destroy the WEF!

- a year ago  

As a frontline ICU worker in Germany I can tell you that we are indeed getting overwhelmed now. We have to do triage since the fucking "vaccinations" started. Our current record is 14 new patients taken in on one day, all fully vaxxed with the same batch number, all dead within 24 hours of admission to ICU, despite receiving the best available intensive medical treatment in our maximum care facility. —— On my last nightshift we took in a 18yo girl who suffered a massive transmural myocardial infarction while having sex with her boyfriend. He immediately called for an ambulance and initiated CPR and she arrived on our ICU, barely alive. A whole team worked on her trying to stabilize her. We even put her on ECMO as a last ditch effort. All to no avail b/c all standard emergency interventions didn't work. Of course this poor soul was also fully vaxxed. —— Mostly we get STEMIs, SVTs, LAEs and >90% don't make it b/c of the massive damage they suffered from those killer jabs. Also we have many former tumor patients where the cancer comes roaring back, killing them within weeks of getting the jabs. —— Corrupt politicians, medical autorities, and regulatory agencies don't give a shit and most of these deaths never get reported, so that their MSM whores can keep peddling the daily "safe and effective" propaganda BS. —— Only God (and probably Satan) knows what kind of longterm effects we're going to see from the prion-like domain expressed on the recombinant S-proteins produced by those shots. There could be a tsunami of Alzheimer's and Creutzfeldt-Jakob cases heading our way, both deadly and without any viable treatments. This is the worst and almost silent global genocide one could imagine b/c the majority of the population here has no clue about what's going on. If you try to warn people they'll turn on you and rat you out to get you fired.