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Life Insurance Data Shows Historic Rise in Deaths

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Dr. Pierre Kory 08.06.22 Lebensversicherungsdaten zeigen einen historischen Anstieg der Todesfälle. / /






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June 13th 2022  

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- 4 months ago  

I don't know why any doctor or scientist continues on with this nonsense of the existence of a virus when no evidence of any virus connected with any covid-19 patient has ever been found despite over 30 requests of governments around the world to produce documentation of such. It should be obvious to everyone now that there never was a virus and therefore there are no variants now. What we do know now is that a spike protein was engineered to be a bioweapon and that that bioweapon was used to kill people in order to create fear and panic to induce people to accept an experimental mRNA injection, which are themselves a bioweapon designed to attack the body by the use of liponanoproteins and to cause our own bodies to produce the spike protein bioweapon. The initial pandemic was created through the fraudulent use of the PCR test that was specifically designed to produce cases that did not exist in order to declare the public health emergency by the World Health Organization to allow the emergency use authorization for the mRNA shots. In short, this has not one single iota of a thing to do with a virus but rather a bioweapon initially spread by unknown means but possibly through the use of the PCR tests since such testing of healthy people with deep nasal swabs was historically unprecedented. The other possibility would be through the flu shot in 2019/2020 since the initial deaths were overwhelmingly limited to the elderly. The increase in all-cause mortality we are seeing now is due to the documented systematic destruction of the immune system by these shots and the spike protein being produced by the bodies of those injected.