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Stew Peters Show - Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! | Ends Masking and Shots and Quarantine in Alberta! | 432hz [hd 720p]

  - 17:12

Patriot Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined $1,200 dollars for protesting against the Covaids-Hoax in Alberta Canada, he slew the beast and emerged VICTORIOUS. He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the so-called Covid-19 Virus exists, and they were forced to admit that they had no evidence whatsoever. The virus has never been isolated, and thus the government had no legal grounds to impose any of the punishing restrictions they have inflicted on society. We can ALL learn from this, and we MUST battle this in every single city, every single county, every single state, every single NATION! The fight for freedom is a worldwide effort, and WE CAN WIN! Doubtful that this will work in most courts, BUT: it sets a precedent and helps to wake more people up and start to question their reality. Hashtags: #scamdemic #court #covid #tyranny #genocide Metatags Space Separated: scamdemic court covid tyranny genocide Metatags Comma Separated: scamdemic, court, covid, tyranny, genocide WATCH / DOWNLOAD -- Original on Rumble: Mirrored On BitChute: Mirrored On Minds: Mirrored On LBRY / Odysee:!---Ends-Masking-and-Shots-and-Quarantine-in-Alberta!---432hz--hd-720p-:6?r=5RyaeEHTet1rFyMoniKNakzu33XJzzcL Mirrored On NewTube: Mirrored On Brighteon: Mirrored On UGEtube: Mirrored On Pocketnet: Mirrored On RoxyCast:






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August 4th 2021  

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