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PSEC - 2022 - Interesting Synchronicities | 432hz [hd 720p]

  - 53:15

ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2022 - Interesting Synchronicities" -- Dave Kelso gets a call from the WPRPN Room just before winding down to bed. Curious but tired, he joins the call to find himself in a rendezvous with someone he has not talked to for a decade, Kiler Davenport. Dave stayed for a short while, the conversation consisting mostly of why so many masked morons have been so easily deceived by the scamdemic, as well as some brief conversation which includes some short clips from the new Matrix 4 Movie, about how the new movie is basically the ruling class telling us exactly about what is going on right now, and exactly why. Dave did not stay for the entire 4 hour show, and this PSEC episode only consists of the time that he did stay. Therefore, if you want the rest of the show after Dave left to head to bed, you will need to hook up with that on WPRPN. This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License. Participants List: Dave Kelso, Kiler Davenport, Japhy Ryder, Misc, CC / Fair Use: Babylon 5, The Matrix 4, Misc Hashtags: #synchronicity #scamdemic #matrix #psychologicalwarfare Metatags Space Separated: synchronicity scamdemic matrix psychologicalwarfare Metatags Comma Separated: synchronicity, scamdemic, matrix, psychologicalwarfare WATCH / DOWNLOAD -- On BitChute: On LBRY / Odysee: On Rumble: On NewTube / NodeTube: On Brighteon: On UGEtube:






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Uploaded half a year ago  

January 13th 2022  

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