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Parasites; NO one wants you to know, you don't want to know -BUT YOU HAVE TO

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Uploaded for Parasites are a very real health issue world wide - that almost NO ONE is talking about - But yes, eat more green, not because of "the climate" but because it will help people getting rid of nasty crap like hookworms inside your gut and much more nasty stuff. NEVER eat ANY raw meat and stay away from live animals as much as possible or at least be very aware of your hygiene when it comes to animals. FACT: On average world wide when people go to the toilet to poop, more than 1/3 of "their" poop will NOT be their own poop at all, but the poop of all the parasites living inside their intestines. All kind of very sick or very overweight people or people who know something is very wrong, maybe because they always are tired and things like that, they all might very well just have their entire body infested with parasites. Remember, if they run out of space in your gut, they will eat themselves right through your body into places like e.g. your heart or eyes : 4 year old boy infected with parasites : Quote from Duke Nukem : "It is all fun and games, until someone looses an eye" : Website: PLEASE SHARE ---






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January 22nd 2023  

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