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Depopulation Is Real - Pfizer CEO Jew Albert Bourla Wants To Reduce The Population By 50% In 2023

  - 8:05

Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Jew Albert Bourla appeared at Davos for the World Economic Forum, Bourla speaks about his dream to reduce the number of people who could not afford medication by 50% back in 2019 that by 2023. Now with Jewish snake oil injection for the non-existent viruses, people will die even faster than that. "It's a dream that we had, together with my leadership team when we started in 2019," Jew Albert Bourla said. In response to his statements, the devils attending this event applauded. Controlled Opposition Reiner Fuellmich - COVID, Vaccine, DieBasis, Great Reset, Grand Jury, Corona Investigative Committee Reiner Fuellmich - A Lawyer For Jewish Great Reset Reiner Fuellmich, DieBasis, Great Reset Reiner Fuellmich And Grand Jury - A Jewish Play All Connected To Sacha Stone (The UN) Dr. David Martin Masonic Shill Jew Donald Trump Satanic New Age Doctor Network The Final Refutal Of Virology German Laboratories Proves That There Is No Virus The COVID Injection Depopulation Perpetrators David Goldberg's Final Words Reveal Extermination Plans FOIs Reveal That Health/Science Institutions Have No Record Of Any “Virus” Having Been Isolated/Purified. Because Virology Isn’t A Science.






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