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Australian Government Registered Company On US Stock Market

  - 24:59

IMPORTANT: The Australian Government is operating as an UNLAWFUL CORPORATION, which has usurped and vandalized the constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and continues to actively engage in repositioning itself against the will of the citizens who trustingly elected them to office. The Australian Government has for many years continually betrayed the citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia and has deliberately failed to accomplish their constitutional and sovereign duty. This is a breach of section 44(i) of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia: SWEARING ALLEGIANCE TO A FOREIGN POWER AND OPERATING AS AN ILLEGAL CORPORATION. When Australia became a Federated nation of states under the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth Act 1901 the parliament became a ‘servant of the people’, answerable only to Common Law and the will of the people. (see Clause 5.) So, what we have is absolute corruption, corrupting absolutely by this cartel purporting to be the government and operating as a corporation under the color of law. Minute 14:45 = PROOF - Commonwealth of Australia registered on the United States Securities & Exchange Commissions as a Corporation. Minute 21:20 = "Queen of Australia" Minute 21:45 = The true and Lawful Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia Source:






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