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The Jews Stole Ancient Egyptian Beliefs And Created The Torah (The First Five Books Of The Bible)

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According to Dr. Ben, the Jews first appeared no earlier than 675 BC, one of them was named Abraham, and they came from the city of Ur, Chaldea. There were comments that the Hebrews first appeared around 1500 BC by expelling Hyksos from Kmt (ancient Egypt) to West Asia, and the Jews first appeared around 580 BC in Babylon by renaming the Hebrews. Shasu means "nomad", Hyksos means "foreign nomad" (Egyptian: Hekw Shasu; Shasu Yhw(h); Greek: Hykussos; "foreign east rulers".). The Jewish deity is YHWH, "Shasu of YHWH". Titus Flavius, the second of the three Flavian Caesars, created Christianity. Their main purpose was to replace the xenophobic Jewish Messianism that waged war against the Roman Empire with a version of Judaism that would be obedient to Rome. One of the individuals involved with the creation of the Gospels was the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus, who, as he related it, led a fabulous life. He was born in 37 CE into the royal family of Judea, the Maccabees. Flavius Josephus was a child prodigy who astounded his elders with his knowledge of Judaic law. Josephus also claimed to have been a member of each of the Jewish sects of his era, the Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Essenes.






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- 2 months ago  

Stolen, yes. But you're looking in the wrong direction.

No Covid Coronavirus

- 2 months ago  

Not much difference, they steal the stories from many cultures. The Jews probably come from Babylon, and Babylon had the similar deities.