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Edomite Canaanite Jews Want The Whole World, Not Just Greater Israel

  - 4:51

Jewish Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals. Satanic Jews want to breed out pure races (White, African, Indian, Asian), it's equal to genocide. Jews are the descendants of Esau, the son of Isaac who was the elder brother of Jacob. Descendants of Esau are known as "Edomites" in the Old Testament (Genesis 36:43). The Pharisees Jews told Jesus that they were descended from Abraham, Isaac's father, and that they had never been in slavery to anybody (John 8:33, 37). This is because the Pharisees Jews were descended from Esau, who married Canaanite women and lived in Mount Seir (Genesis 36:2, 8), while Jacob's descendants, the Israelites, settled in Egypt and were later put into slavery there. Jesus referred to the descendants of Esau, the Edomites, as "the synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). Jesus told the Pharisees Jews that they were liars and of their father the Devil (John 8:44). What do we see today? Jews claim to be the chosen people of God while railing against Christians and blaspheming Jesus. In fact, Jews are most vehemently opposed to Christians, and they know that their claim to be descendants of the Israelites is a lie. Jews run the banking systems in western countries, the media, the education systems and the churches, among other things. They have single-handedly derailed the entire western world in the space of the last 60 years, principally by charging interest on money created out of nothing when the banks lend. Everything that Jews do is based on lies and deception.






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