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Spectroscopy Analysis Reveals 99.5% Graphene Oxide In Moderna Vaccination Vial

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Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: The Spike Protein Has Never Existed. In a new interview for Palabras y Verdades, La Quinta Columna clarified the doubt about the percentage of graphene oxide in the vaccination vials. When they talked about it being present in 99% or almost 100%, they were referring specifically to what is obtained after analyzing the contents employing the spectroscopy technique. It is not that the whole vial is graphene, but that when the liquid is purified, the signals obtained from this filtrate show that it is 99.5% graphene. Argentine researchers have analyzed a vial of Moderna's vaccine and also found graphene oxide in it. And also 99.5% by spectroscopy. There is no virus here. So we already know that the COVID disease could very well have been caused by a combination of graphene + 4G Plus. Dr. Stefan Lanka: Covid And It's Spike Protein Do Not Exist. Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Vaccines Are Just Graphene, Not Spike Protein. The mRNA Vaccine Contains 98-99% Graphene Oxide. The 5G Can Stimulate Graphene. Italy’s Postmortem On Dead Corona Patients. 5G Electromagnetic Radiation Responsible For Deaths. How To Eliminate Excess Graphene Oxide Before It Causes Thrombotic and Cardiovascular Complications. Source:






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