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EUROPA: The Last Battle - Part 6 (2019)

  - 59:42

• Stalin violated the Soviet-Polish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Poland in September, 1939. • Stalin violated the Soviet-Finnish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Finland in 1939 without any declaration of war, starting the Winter War. The heroic Finns fought back the big red army. • Stalin bombed Sweden in 1940. • Stalin violated a provision of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact (Ribbentrop-Molotov) by invading Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia in 1940. Bolsheviks rolled in to terrorize, torture and kill the people in the standard communist practice. The Soviet cattle car deportations afflicted more than a half-million Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Christian Europeans who were shipped to the Gulag. 12% of the entire Baltic population was either deported to Siberia or executed by the Jewish Soviet Secret Police. • Stalin grabbed a piece of eastern Romania in 1940, and forced Romanians to surrender Bessarabia (Moldavia). In a sickening double-standard; the allies remained silent about the brutal Soviet aggression. Instead, the Churchill-Stalin-Pact was signed on 15 October 1939. Secretary of state for war Churchill signed the executive documents of this pact on 8 February 1940 in London. Innocent Poles were now left to the bloodthirsty Red monster. The Allies didn't give a rat's ass about Poland, they only used her to start the war against Germany, and now, Still, no boycotts and no war-declarations on Soviet. No Anti-Communist propaganda in the media. ...... Official page for the documentary:






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