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Israel Nova Massacre: Apache Helicopters or Fire Damage?

  - 11:35

Short video on claims Apache Helicopters and sometimes Hellfire missiles from Apache Helicopters required to explain fire damage to cars in images and video from the Israel Supernova (Nova) music festival massacre. Examples of parking lot fires from around the world are shown as well as a discussion of my personal experience with a fire bombing of my apartment complex in Mountain View, CA years ago. Links to articles on the August 2016 music festival in Portugal parking lot fire which reportedly destroyed over 400 cars: Yes, even RT, the Russian government outlet and source of some of the video that I question, covered it in 2016. About Us: Main Web Site: Censored Search: A search engine for censored Internet content. Find the answers to your problems censored by advertisers and other powerful interests! Subscribe to our free Weekly Newsletter for articles and videos on practical mathematics, Internet Censorship, ways to fight back against censorship, and other topics by sending an email to: subscribe [at] Avoid Internet Censorship by Subscribing to Our RSS News Feed: Legal Disclaimers: Support Us: PATREON:






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November 19th 2023  

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