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Ghost Rider



The Silent Children - Documentary on Human Trafficking

  - 11:25

-------------------- !!!PLEASE SHARE!!! -------------------- The Silent Children - Documentary on Human Trafficking Child Trafficking Sex Trafficking Human Trafficking MUST END!






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Uploaded 3 years ago  

December 28th 2020  

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- 2 years ago  

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis YET ANOTHER lying Jew! In pedophiles you trust?


- 2 years ago  

Damn, that is sick ! The whole world is evil.

Anti Illuminati

- 2 years ago  

The Pendulum. No one wants to talk about it. People look away. Gotta stay in our comfort zone, Watch what you say. The truth can be too brutal, let's pretend it never happened. If it don't affect us, It must be a rap then. Hundreds of thousands of children missing... Ignore the boiling water. Cover up the crime scene... Bring your daughter to the slaughter. Groom 'em while their young, and they'll never know it's wrong. Trusting the forked tongue, that was lieing all along. Another child's neck was rung, A sacrifice to self indulgence. Another pedophile hung, Death is the sentence. This madness don't make sense. Preying on children with no defense. If it's their first offense... The perversion of justice shall commence. At the expense of the American Taxpayer. Slaves to what they print out of thin air. 'Cause it seems they like to keep the secret in the family. Make sure the truth is hidden from people like you and me. The signs are all around us though, Symbology and imagery. Used to let all the others know, They share the same similarity. The doctrine of Thelema is the book of the elite. Little do they know their god has already been defeated. They try to cheat us from the truth, as our morals go astray. Using our youth, for the evil games these demons like to play. How long shall the innocent pay, to appease the desires of the flesh. Pretend like everything's o.k. While the sins of our past intermesh. It's like we haven't learned a thing from thousands of years of exploitation. Using each other as slaves as the global elite keep attacking this nation. When they go on vacation, they can get anything under the sun. No matter if it's legal or right, It could be your daughter, or son. Midnight call boys as presidential servants. Twelve year old sex toys, from child slave merchants. Children never found because their bodies were incinerated. Another generation bound, while people stay placated. The systems that were formed to protect the innocent. Are now part of this global travesty. Let's find out where all these children went. I'll bet you get resistance, it's only an act that they really care. It seems when people get to close, they suddenly die or disappear. It's gotten pretty clear that there's an evil act that's going on. By the time you finish reading this, another child will be gone. They're changing the terminology, to 'Minor Attracted Person'. Using the entertainment industry to push their sexual perversion. Protecting royals and politicians is a profitable business these days. So is controlling the people's decisions, and promoting our kids to be gay. Instill insecurity, doubt, division rage and fear. Start in the elementary schools, More of a chance to turn them queer. Get them to hate their peers, thier country, their parents and themselves. Societies pride, another suicide, As we're staring at Tik-Tok elves. Just how many charter planes are there, just like the 'Lolita Express'. How many father's daughters were waiting at Jeffrey Epstein's address. How many Harvey Weinstein's are there that still have not been caught. How many times do pedos get out early, while their victims bodies rot. How many investigations end, because the detective wound up shot. I'm not making this up my friend, and now each other is all we've got. There's not a lot of time left before The Pendulum swings the other way. We can't stay in the middle, we all must face this travesty today. For our children's sake, We gotta make them pay. Or it might be your own child they're masturbating to some day. Written by: Michael W. Taylor February 13th. 2022 ©


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