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Monkeypox - The Final Push! (A MUST WATCH!)

  - 24:12






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August 17th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

Boneheads. You cannot escape the weapons systems of the New World Order, you were not meant to escape the barrage of silent weapons of the evil rulers of this world of darkness, you are meant to OVERCOME through My Holy Spirit and the REAL Covenant of Life that is with Me Your Allaha (Lifegiver) in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene while I make your enemies the rug under My feet. You were not consecrated for the wrath of Allaha, you were consecrated for Eternal Life. You DO have work to DO to become rapture ready and help bring Our Lord home fully. You must become triune like Us in order to become rapture ready. The only way to do so is by performing the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha. And worship the one Who created heaven and the earth and the sea and the water springs. You cannot serve two masters. You have to rise up and do your part. Salvation requires your active participation. Believing is an active role that requires your daily participation. You will learn how to heal without the use of drugs or chemicals and through the laying of hands and prayer in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene. You will eventually learn how to heal yourself using your own hands and mind. You will come to the point that you no longer need healing of any sort. Healthy people, except those who are terribly ill, do not need physicians. Doctors become obsolete. You have no time to deliberate, the harvest of the children of the evil one concludes this universe now. The Gospel of Matthew Chapter Thirteen. This is not the Life that We have always intended for you. Your new home is waiting, but you have to come together to get there. Stop fighting with each other, you are all brothers and you're making My heart bleed profusely endlessly. Amen. Much love and blessings to you!


- half a year ago  

Nature always makes things back to normal. A super bug or super nova will reset all this nonsense. These little human cockroach will just be harder to eliminate.


- half a year ago  

He just ADMITTED THEY HACKED EVERY HUMAN! D E M O N S! Operation Paper Clip! TROJAN HORSE! NAZIS Came to GERM-MAN —PHARMAKEIA-Witch Craft and SORCERY. We know how this Ends. The God Above THE CLOUDS WILL SMITE Yuval Noah Harari and SATAN KLAUS And SMITE EVERY DIRTY SPIRIT and All doing THE DEVILS BIDDING! Maybe they should of paid attention to Scripture. As soon as The BEAST ABADDONALD MAGA FIFTH DEGREE SATANISM GETS HIS KINGDOM UP, YHWH IS GOING TO DESTROY IT and THROW Him and FALSE PROPHET KUSHNER IN THE ABYSS, and All Following The BEAST KRISHNA CHRIST. Trumps Family Name And KRISHNA VISHNU. › info › vishnu Vishnu | Krishna expands Himself into Vishnu forms in the material world Vishnu is a form of the Supreme Person, described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam as an extraordinarily beautiful male with a dark bluish complexion, decorated with dazzling, spiritual gems, and four hands—holding a club, conchshell, chakra (disc), and lotus flower. PURE EVIL!!!


- half a year ago  

Boy, Atheist do a lot of work to be Atheist don't they ? When you go all the way down too the DNA which is working it's butt off 24/7 inside of a nucleus, none stop, have you ever wondered where did it get all of those building blocks called Amino Acids from ? I won't tell you, I'd rather have you figure it out yourself, it's more rewarding to yourself when you find out.