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This is a pandemic of the vaccinated and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  - 3:43

We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg is coming. All fingers are pointing to the potentiality of mass mortality of the vaccinated. People have to recognize that they are being bombarded by a huge amount of propaganda which has turned our people from a society of skeptics to a community of fundamentalists. There is no debate; there is no need to look at “both sides of the coin” because the decision has already been made for them. We cannot give up trying to help these people wake up.






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September 17th 2021  

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- 2 weeks ago  

There is no Delta variant!!! The sequence talk is born in the deception, that computer modelling was the evidence and proof of the alleged "Covid19". From that point, "the scientists" hasn't been able to replicate the alleged "Covid19" and that's the reason they proclaim, that they have found thousands of "variants" of which they have discovered "the Delta variant". It's nonsense talk and is only based on computer modelling assumptions. The absolute majority of ill inhabitants is caused by the mRNA injections, which is not vaccines. By the way: the sequence of the alleged "Covid19" was uploaded in China and downloaded in the western world and here some lunatic woman told, that they were able to "create" a "vaccine" against the virus, only 2 to 3 hours after the chinese sequence download. That's quite insane!!!


- 2 months ago  

Run for the hills, from both the story and the bullshit adverts on money making.... AAAaarrrggghhh


- 2 months ago  

According to Ricardo Delgado Biostadistico, research analyst at LaQuinta Columna, NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) and GSH (glutathione) is the answer for those who've taken the jab. But they need to do their research because only 25-30% of GSH is assimilated into our system, which then means other supplements are necessary to make it work effectively. -


- 2 months ago  

Actually, what they said was that NAC is preferable because it is used by the liver as a precursor to make glutathione, thereby bypassing the absorption issue.


- 3 months ago  

i would guess that the "Vaccine" IS the Delta !


- 3 months ago  


Destroy the WEF!

- 2 months ago  

Yes, our ICUs in Europe are full of people suffering serious and in 90% lethal adverse reactions to the clotshots: thromboses, lung embolisms, strokes, cardiac arrests, myocarditis, exploding tumors, neurological problems, autoimmune reactions, etc. Also, we'll probably see a wave of serious infections in the upcoming flu-season. Those who got the jabs will be most affected. Stay away from that deadly crap or you will regret it!