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variants caused by vaccine

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This is biology 101. Viruses want to survive and spread. Whatever viruses go up against, they will attempt to bypass the obstacles before it. In this case, this is the suboptimal vaccination people have been receiving. Blatant examples of this are Israel and other countries with high vaccination rates. Notice that the variances of concern (VOC) not only are from the countries testing this experimental vaccine but the timeline just happens to match also. This is not caused by the unvaccinated! The media narrative is a lie and trying to blame the mutants on the unvaccinated is unscientific. Think of it like this, the unvaccinated have no antibodies, nothing to protect itself from which makes it easy for the viruses to settle in because there is no defense. They only have to mutate when there is a defense to recon with like the weak vaccine which produces a suboptimal immune response, half now and half in three weeks. THINK where are the VOCs from? Brazil, India, UK, South Africa, US. Find out where the vaccine trials were held. Brazil, India, UK, South Africa, US.






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August 11th 2021  

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- a year ago  

Bill Nye is not a scientist. He back in the 90's got his media start as a silly comedian on a Seattle Saturday late night comedy show called 'Almost Live'. He is no more of an expert on medical science, climate science or any science than any other Joe and Mary Q-Public regardless of their education.


- a year ago  

I can say it easier. You took the vaccine that delivers single strand RNA packets to trillions of your cells and the Ribosomes now have more work to do making Spike Proteins along with the DNA's mRNA for providing nutrition to those cells. This means the immune system INSIDE those cells now are working only to kill those Spike Proteins. So, when a normal Flu Virus enters the cell, the immune system says, "screw that, I only want to attack the Spike Proteins. And since these Spike Proteins only apply to Flu Viruses, those viruses now have the safe haven to mutate and develop into a more devastating Flu Virus which is called a Variant. The unvaccinated do not have the Spike Proteins or the instructions to tell the immune system inside their cells to attack Spike Proteins. Any Spike Protein in the Blood Stream will be attacked automatically by the Type 1 Macrophages. And of course, Type 2 Macrophages will clean it up.

Jonathan Wapcaplet

- a year ago  

It's all fake. There is no pandemic.