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Omicron has no history of mutation. What does this mean?

  - 7:09

Is this what we are seeing the “wild type”. We are being told that omicron is weak and will help with herd immunity if we catch it. The mainstream media has put out the narrative that the cases have decreased and yet, our hospitals are full with less people helping the sick. Is this the calm before the storm? Is omicron the trigger for antibody dependent enhancement? Could they be releasing the Kraken so soon? In order to save Fauci? ADE is the worst case scenario for humanity and it seems it’s heading our way.






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January 25th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

This is not news regarding the alleged "variants". When not been able to prove the existence of the alleged "Covid19", how can you then even think, that the "variants" is proven to exist, when the "detection" tool PCR is not invented for "virus" detection??? On top of that idiocy: The misuse of the PCR is not the only problem. The lack of a Gold Standard label for using RT-PCR in this matter, is quite a problem, combined with the variation of logarithmic cyklusses all over the world, which means, if you could use the PCR to detect "viruses", then the logic should tell you, that it's impossible to make any comparison with data anywhere, just exactly caused by the difference in the logarithmic cyklusses. The "variants" is a computer designed fantasy: In Silico. Just like the Bio-Weapon "Covid19". The PCR used in this lunacy "detection", is made with 3 primers, to show the "evidence" of the "covid-19 cases". It's actually made for this "pandemic event", to "look" for the computercode(called "Covid19"), like your key fitts into your entrance at home. It fitts everytime. The different logarithmic cyklusses, used in the PCR scam, is the "throttle" to a make believe negative or positive outcome. Then any claims can be said and used to make fear, when the outcome is controllable by the lunatics behind. Using very low cyklusses, used on the mRNA "vaccinated" ignorant people, will show the "great vacccine efficacy" = a negative "test". And then using the opposite approach with un"vaccinated" people, using many PCR cyklusses, will show they are contagious "cases" = positive. That's how it's possible to create a "pandemic" bluff and blaim the inhabitants, who made the choice not to participate in the - That these people are a danger to society... It's a UpsideDown world, when real science, terms and words is used to call good as bad, truth as a lie etc.


- half a year ago  

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- half a year ago  

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- half a year ago  

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