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Special Op’s revealed-How is this still a secret

  - 59:19

Part 1/2 Special Op’s revealed Dirtiest Secrets of the [DS] Exposed a Military Insider interview How is this still a secret Part 2/2 🔗👇 Special Op’s revealed - how os is this still a secret






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

January 2nd 2021  

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- half a year ago  

Interesting times we live in and so many blind and deft to it all. This is representative of the paradox we are immersed in , the media is has locked out free speech , even squashed and impeded dissent to further tighten their controls on the people. Alternative media which this video eminates from is under diress to spread to the wider masses. Yet do so many are complacent, either brainwashed or mind controlled from lifelong psychological programs. And some just reticent to believe there are organized forces whom are the ruling class. Action has to be started and projected who’s the enlightened ones to implement the stark remedies . There are things going on right now that will alter these gross wide spread global tyranny that has been stealing everything not nailed down. The internet , government , corporate , social engineering, control of the press has ramped up to be out of control. These are the most exciting times in 2000 years have fulminated to where we are today. Crunch time, do your part, be ready, be poised to help, your life depends it, and mine.


- a year ago  

If this Gould guy had control of DC, what happened on the sixth?


- 2 years ago  

I'm in need of tech help for my pc to do whatever needs to be done, (am from "older" generation , so - just stay in touch -I will learn ............


- 2 years ago  

The greatest secrete of the last century was The stock market crash of 1929, that eventually lead to world war 2. Brought on to us from FDR and Joseph sr. Kennedy. Over 60 million died in the war alone.


- 2 years ago  

Just to clarify, GB is not a country, it is a LTD Company owned by the crown and controlled by the city of London which also is a Corporation and also a tax haven, it has owned the United States since the revolutionary wars, you guys were led to believe that you gained liberty, alas you were enslaved and also turned into a corporation controlled by the bank of England (The old lady of threadneedle street) via the fed reserve. Before the civil war, you guys traded in gold and silver and this is obviously not beneficial for the powers that be. Yes we are being manipulated by psyops and suggestive programming but it is absolutely of paramount importance to grasp this fundamental concept of enslavement first. The countries that didn't have corrupt central banks at the helm pulling the strings of government were subsequently invaded; Germany, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc. There are only a few left to conquer - Sudan, Cuba and North Korea.


- 2 years ago  

I need to take this in bit by bit , as I’m sure others do to. Send it on to others that may be able to explain it in more simple terms, I certainly would not rubbish this, as we all know the Deep State has been in operation since the French Revolution.


- 2 years ago  

This guy's a freaking idiot. It's too bad he doesn't speak English. should have got someone with half a brain to explain it better.


- 2 years ago  

Maybe you should have done that! Not sure if you have half a brain or not.


- 2 years ago  

And nothing is ever done with any allegations for anything pertaining to Democrats ect. The beat goes on


- 2 years ago  

Those mortgages started surfacing before 2005. Those bastards stole our home by telling us there was a mistake in our paperwork on a refi and they jack our payment up by over $800 on top of what we had agreed to. Had we known the law and found a lawyer to handle our case we'd still have our home today. No lawyers we're taking these cases in 2004 there were just too many cases to handle. It was bigger than an average lawyer then. So this 2007 is just when it was caught.


- 2 years ago I found this to be very informative


- 2 years ago  

...always not trusting info coming my way, but now the info is opening my eyes and again, caution for anybody who can't pay, so ?.......


- 2 years ago  

this is to heavy for most to gather into there minds unfortunately. its so out of our normal ways. we as humans are so programmable and I am sure this is what stops us.

What's my name?

- 2 years ago  

It helps if people start here.