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How God judges a Nation.

  - 29:18

This is one of 2 videos that you should watch before you sub this channel. The other is "A PATRIOT IN EXILE". If there is ANYTHING in these 2 vids that offends you, please save us both the trouble and do not sub. Originally posted on Apr 11, 2018






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

December 13th 2020  

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Category: How To & Education


kids living their lives vicariously through social media, makes me sick everyone around me has lost their minds, i need too get out of Massachusetts desperately


- 2 years ago  

Nice video. The snow you see was caused by global warming -- so they say ...


- 2 years ago  

Great video! Canuck here, your countrymen disgust me, look north of the 49th, because that is YOUR here and now play by play. I have been amazed at how much you have lost and do not even realize it.

Anti Illuminati

- 2 years ago  

Watch The Madness Burn Good... Evil. Hot, Cold. Light, Dark. Young, Old. ... But All Things Have A Source. Why do they invest their time In systems that destroy. Genocidal madness in the warheads They deploy. Weaponizing fear by manufacturing A lie. Indoctrinate the peoples children, Line them up to die. Believe them not, ignore their words, Just watch what they do. Remember men that fought to ensure Freedoms for you. The obsession to control. Insecurity. Possession is the goal. A commodity. So many play the role. No Integrity. Another squandered soul. Lost eternally. There must be cause to have affect. The stone that's tossed, can reak havoc. The source of all things must be seen. The chain event of lust and greed. Humility is from the Light. Our enemy will lose the fight. If we would see beyond our eyes. Then we would see through their disguise. No more lies, that which defies The Truth that's given to the wise. Some won't get it, They'll never learn. That our reward is what we earn. To my Maker, I shall return, To sit and watch the madness burn. Cast your lot, come take your turn. I sit and watch the madness burn. Why do we submit our lives to Those with evil ploys. How have we become so blind, Like children bribed with toys. Cater to desire to distract us from their lies. Adding to the magik flames that dance and mesmerize. Believe me people, heed my words. This pattern isn't new. Because of fear and paranoia, They're always watching you. Obsession takes it's toll. False reality. Possessing those that fall. Demonology. The sale of a soul. Trade Eternity. Hear the master's call. Death is the fee. There must be cause to take effect. Don't want more than what you get. The source of things must be observed. Don't place your faith in things obsurd. Practice what is good and right. Even darkness surrenders to light. If we could see beyond our eyes. Then we could see through their disguise. No more lies, that which defies The Truth, the Source which they despise. Some don't get it, They'll never learn. That our reward is what we earn. To my Maker, I shall return, To sit and watch the madness burn. Take your chance, come take your turn. Or sit and watch the madness burn. Written by: Michael Taylor © October 10th. 2020


- 2 years ago  

Funny never found you on screwtube(which I disabled from phone wks ago) I just bought an rv and escaped Mn to SD 4wks ago permanently. I watch Phil on the blaze and now you here. God bless thank you

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 years ago  

You are right about people in these last days. As you know brother, first the curses until the small remnant only remains. These few, will fear God more than men, or kings. So it is written. Deuteronomy 28, Mark 16:16 Acts 2:38. Exodus 20.. Folks, its going to be like Daniel in the lions den, for some. Many are called, but few are chosen.