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Wes Hamel



Victim of trust in government

  - 2:52

BeachMilk @BeachMilk 3h · · Edited This is the definition of ‘vaccine regret‘. Don’t be too hard on her because she’s been immersed in mind-control propaganda since birth, and FOOLISHLY believes that doctors and governments actually care about her health. Doctors, much like police, could have chosen to resist or speak up and save humanity, but instead they chose to ‘feed us to the wolves’ to keep their pay check for a few more years, before they too will meet the same fate as us!






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July 25th 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

It's what you get from eating from the wormy tree of life, then trusting is Satan's practitioners or wealth for help saving from there wormy interprise. You deserve to die and die you will for committing sucicide byfor food and sexual pleasure with diseased animals. No mercy no potty no empathy no compassion for worm bag human animals. The vaccines are killing your worm infections. You case is reaction to dead worms in the skin. Others suffer from aveola destruction and pulmonary stress syndrome most of you have blood FLUKES attached to the wall of your arteryes and heart worm microfilaria burrowed into the muscles of the heart and arteries aswell. The INFLAMATION these dieing worms cause is dibilitating, however, the deadly bacteria they release into the blood stream is deadly quickly. This the sudden shock syndrome witnessed as sudden death syndrome. Hey your all being treated for tropical infectious worm infections just like they dogs for heart worms. If you don't test positive for covid (code for) parasite diseases, they give you vaccines with them in it along cotosteroid so they can mature and multiply with out attack from the immune system and this allows for a hyperinfection from other worm diseases your all already carrying asymptomatically. If your not following the ways of our lord Jesus Christ, you have disobied your creator and you are going to be killed by your own wicked ways. It's your vault. Vaccines don't kill healthy people. They save the lives of healthy people from the tree of life and those eating from it.


- 3 weeks ago  

May God give you strength. We have been conned.


- 3 weeks ago  

I am praying for you.


- 3 weeks ago  

So, in anuver wordz you should not have signed zie paper ? Looks like a German Pfizer Spike Protein attack to me ? Don't worry, the CEO of Pfizer said he was assured the population would be down by 50% by 2023. Did we not warn everyone ? You don't play with your immune system, not ever ! Doctors are front men/women, they get paid for a stupid experimentation. Mandates ? They're not Laws ! Don't worry, they've recorded your adverse effects.


- 3 weeks ago  

So, she kinda implies that she's been dealing with TSW? What an excellent starting point to taking the V... And it got worse after every shot. Gee... Will she take the 4th? Do I care?