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The World Is Not Enough



It is not a secret anymore...

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...that NAZA has manipulated our known world map, by remapping what they call "our planet"! Earth is not what they teach us to be. The real map is mirrored on the surface of the Moon. That is the reality of our Cosmology, hidden by staged world crisis events, to distract us from what we discovered lately!






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March 18th 2022  

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You are a frickin fruitcake, why don't you and the rest all launch a video camera on a hot air balloon all at once, and prove that the earth is round.


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They stage that lie for strategic advantages of the world not being able to bomb their hometown below your feet and wipe them out forever! The REALLY GREAT NEWS is that NOW YOU KNOW THAT and you MUST take action to subdue them PERMANENTLY! Here's a HUGE HINT: The synagogue of Satan that ancient SERPENT 🐍masquerade as human beings and can now be killed permanently with a bullet to the brain because they have committed themselves to the bondage of the flesh by consuming human flesh and blood. Hitler's Snaggletooth DOES NOT LIE! 🤥🧐✅ Check the spouse!🔥CONDEMNED BY MOSES in the JUDGEMENT OF THE WORLD!!