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The World Is Not Enough



Project Immanuel - Announcement

  - 16:01

In this video we would like to introduce Project Immanuel, which critically examines the scientific background of the so-called "Corona Crisis." With the help of the natural scientist and virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka, all fundamental publications on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 are closely scrutinised and scientifically examined in a series of posts. Our main objective is to make science understandable to everyone. All the necessary technical terms and scientific procedures of virology and microbiology that one needs to know and understand are explained in a way that is easy for everyone to comprehend and illustrated with many examples. This is a scientific project. This means, for one thing, that although we are very critical of all that has been done and has happened in the Corona crisis, we always remain neutral. We do not take sides with anyone, nor do we condemn anyone. We analyse everything from a purely scientific medical point of view. It also means that we emphatically ask you, the viewer, not to simply believe any of our statements! On the contrary, doubt, be critical and question us. Anyone who can refute our statements is hereby cordially invited to do so, but should do so with tangible, verifiable facts. If we have really made mistakes, we are happy to correct them. If you would like to contact us, please use the following address: [email protected] All information about new posts can be found on our website and in our Telegram group. Website: Telegram: OUR VIDEO CHANNELS: Bitchute: Dailymotion: Odysee:






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March 29th 2021  

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- 2 years ago  

No, the World missed the bullet. The Covid19 Flu pandemic is proof of that. Of course everyone's scared to death, but that fear is from the ignorance of what happened in China; and that's something the government of China will not settle or explain. Then again, because other outside governments possibly doesn't want them to explain it too; because I'm sure they had a hand in the laboratory fabrication of SARS CoV2. They don't want to be blamed or be a part of this fatal transmission that killed so many people in China either. All of these speculations is just how the W.H.O. handled the tragedy over the China incident too the rest of the World.