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The World Is Not Enough



Closest Map Ways to Hidden Lands

  - 4:21

Earth is BIGGER than they let us believe. Maps are wrong. Moon is the closest map we have for our REAL world. It is not terrafirma, not a place that you can is made out of plasma, a noble gas. The known maps are just 1/3 of our real material world. There are documents that prove Earth is motionless and flat. Check them for yourselves: It is observable as repeatable for everyone around the world. The real question is how big is our world and why they keep us LOCKED in this realm. Have you ever thought that this is the real reason why they need to have SO much control over us? We don't even know where we live, you think they let us know? Globe is a lie=>politics is a lie=> viruses is a lie => vaccines is a lie=> religions is a lie=>wars is a scum and a lie=>our history is a lie! From nothing came the big bang? From clay God made humans? Something else is going on and they don't want us to know....






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December 22nd 2020  

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