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The World Is Not Enough



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November 2nd 2021  

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DJ Matthews

- a year ago  

It's how rich people become famous and poor indie song writers & music producers like me, can't even get subscribers or even be heard, because Youtube and other social media have big deals with record companies to shadow ban indie artists, so the greedy bastards can brain wash the sheeple to buy shit repetitive shit music, when the best song writers remain shadow banned and hidden from public view. Music stores like spotify are scimming or blocking streams of indie artists, caught them on my artist page. Apple has a scam for indie artists as well, that if your song isn't played in full, it doesn't count as a stream, but only play 30 seconds of your song :) But people are starting to wake up and realize they are listening to the same repetitive songs from a handful of the same artists and really nothing new is happening and soon there will be no music industry or decent song writers at all, because they will up and find a better way to earn money. I have been writing songs for decades, but haven't released any of my really good songs yet, as l have been working out all the scammers in the industry with my B grade songs and won't be releasing anything of merit until the music industry and record companies start to die and get lost.


- a year ago  

Satan that ancient serpent 👹👿👽🐍⚕️💉spawned an entire army of clone and drone trash like that just for this use: censorship. 62% POST JAB BLOOD CLOTS & DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS VAPORIZED HIS TOWN FOR SAYING THAT TRUTH! "THE THING" COVERED UP BY CENSORSHIP!