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The World Is Not Enough



A Whore, A Freak

  - 4:14

No curvature, my own observation No scientists EVER proved the motion of earth Earth deFLATed part 1 Earth deFLATed part 2 Video from:






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February 12th 2021  

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- 3 months ago  

Tyson chicken yea, Tyson science no, never never talks about anything in physics except bubble gum postcard black holes, quazars, expanding universe. Theory nobody in convoluted audience understands.


- half a year ago  

M Passio won't argue the point. Beating a dead horse or trying to win a argument one way or another on climate change. Isn't gonna happen.


- 2 years ago  

Ok I'll waste a few minutes of my time for what I write won't likely change flat earth persons' minds but I'll go anyways. You can find out yourself. FM radio waves are high enough in frequencies that they only travel essentially straight lines from the transmitter. If you live beyond the horizon to the antenna towers, your radio will not be able to pick up that radio station FM transmitting frequency. This confirms a globe earth. The radio stations when possible will try to put their transmitters on the highest point in the area. This extends the distance of their transmitting frequencies. Where geography is rather flat like plains states, they often build taller transmission towers to extend range beyond the at ground level broadcast frequencies. AM radio waves are longer and able to 'curve' better the earth extending their range. They also at night are able to bounce off the ionosphere giving great extension of their range. Well that was a few minute of my time here likely wasted.🤔

The World Is Not Enough

- 2 years ago  

Hey there...Radio waves confirm a plane...not a globe. Sad how you do a research but fail to take into consideration ALL available data. Radio waves and optics go in straight lines. So how many straight lines are in a globe of a 40K in circumference? Care to read why NAZA has 100s of documents stating that Earth is Flat and Motionless? A) B) A plane land


- 2 years ago  

Exactly, if you go to the Ocean and walk on the beach, look out over the beach. Notice as far as your eye can see it appears the water is the height of your head. Actually, it's not, because within a 5 mile distance, the curvature of the earth is making it look like it is higher then where you are standing.

The World Is Not Enough

- 2 years ago From my OWN observation, i have never managed to measure any curvature... Not in 5 miles...15...not even 40 to almost 50 miles. Something is not right with the given numbers of a ball earth. Horizon, no matter how high you always on eye level...Jeff. Try any mountain...any airplane the result is always amazing! No curvature to be found anywhere! I even gave the task to different topographers, i offer to pay them like they were doing an ordinary land measurement...they all came up empty handed. Weird stuff


- 2 years ago  

Bill Nye the globalist tool


- 2 years ago  

Bill Denye the lying guy