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The World Is Not Enough



Faking Space is a piece of cake!

  - 4:34

Name one thing that humanity benefited from the "space exploration program" - Telecommunications? No, 99.3% is going through optic fibers that run underground and underwater the entire place we call Earth. The rest is done by land antennas. - Velcro? No, a farmer in Switzerland invented that. - Cartography? No, that is easily done with airplanes, no need to go to "space" - Weather prognostics? No, there are 100's of weather balloons that have systems attached to them with all kinds of sensors, those actually are the so called "satellites" - Detecting viruses? Don't go full retard now... - Converting shit into a cup of coffee? Well, i couldn't believe my ears, when Don Petit was telling that to young kids, but haven't seen this technology here on Earth, sooo...NO! - Doing scientific tests with no gravity? How this benefits humanity RIGHT NOW? - Gone to Mars with a rover, means one day we will go and settle there, as humans. Look my previous answer - I give up, what was that one thing that humanity benefited from space exploration? WE NEVER GONE TO THE MOON BECAUSE IT IS PLASMA AND YOU CANNOT LAND ON A LIGHT, AND HUMANITY REALIZED THAT SPACE IS FAKE, otherwise they wouldn't need to trick us with cheap techniques to convince us that space travel exists!






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July 19th 2021  

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- a year ago  

Buzz Aldrin "👍" this video.

Art of Light

- 2 years ago  

well...ya gotta give them credit for the is very cunning.

The Red Pill Toolkit

- a year ago  

The master of all cunning deceit is their father.