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The World Is Not Enough



The NEXT LEVEL of Advanced Cosmology

  - 14:49

Congratulations! You proved to yourself that we do live on a FLAT and motionless LEVEL plane. You know the lies and the deception about the Earth that we live on. Cosmology is wrong Mythology is wrong History is wrong Evolution is wrong Education is wrong Politics is wrong Many great researchers helped you on this journey, like they helped us realize what is going on. Much love and respect to ALL! Now what? What is the next logical step you need to do? How can this realization will help you go beyond our false preconceived notions? You need to apply again the best intellectual method of all... You make room for a fresh new research and you don't just "follow" and "like", but engage and study new data and fresh information. WELCOME to VIBES of COSMOS! ALL the links are here: Yes there is MORE REAL ESTATE in our realm and YES this will mean that the monetary system is crumbling down...just because there are more resources which means that the financial system does not stand any longer, because NOTHING is finite! THERE IS MORE of EVERYTHING! VoC shows that there are huge pieces of landmass beyond our "restricted" areas names Arctic and Antarctic. The map is not a made-up nonsensical, fictional piece of fantasy. It is backed by ancient references long before religious scriptures and many many old maps, that used to show more lands. More over it is backed up by the very notion that the Moon is a reflection of Earths face, and maybe that sounds BANANAS...but the actual measurements that we show you, match more than we ever thought. The AXES of Phases of the Moon, must be the best new discovery for our true cosmology. There is nothing else out there that stands the Geocentric measurements. Remember that. "FE movement" will go nowhere unless it takes the World Map by Plasma Moon, very very seriously. GeoVibes to ALL! ❤️






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April 24th 2022  

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- 2 months ago  

Not ME, YOU have to prove IT. ...I'm Waiting!... ...PROVE IT ! ...I DARE YOU! Cosmology is wrong Mythology is wrong History is wrong Evolution is wrong Education is wrong Politics is wrong. ...Yes, but HOW IS IT WRONG, ...Yes but is wrong BAD?