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The World Is Not Enough




  - 2:08

Manuscript: Less than ONE PERCENT! If you want more videos like this, all the manuscripts, and pre-made vaccine exemptions go to For a limited time, all of this is now free. Please subscribe to Dr. Baker’s email list for the most up to date information that is UN CENSORED. This is where he can really let you know what is going on and keep you in the loop. To subscribe and see more videos, go to Visit our podcast on Stitcher and iTunes This video is part of the vaccine related educational videos called Project 180. Project 180 is the most powerful tool in the vaccine conversation. No where else is there as much research gathered into one spot and made so easy to understand and follow. These collections of vaccine specific research are called manuscripts. Disclaimer: Dr. Baker is a chiropractor, thankfully. These videos are not designed to diagnose, treat, or give medical advice. These videos are for educational purposes only. ==================================================== The rest of the series will be uploaded to my Odysee channel Invitation:$/invite/@ThinkOutsideTheGlobe:b Donations: bEAvTyxeHdMRpyumHiED5kEKYVHz1XGMM7






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March 27th 2021  

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- a year ago  

The idea is they are trying to weaken the immune system by wearing mask and keeping people away from a daily exposure to germs and viruses that keep it strong, then becoming genetically altered by the vaccine to make one dependent on more vaccines to make money. The CDC has a public list recording vaccine deaths. It's on this website, I just watched the video.


- a year ago  

It's been about the "cure" all along.


- a year ago  

thanks for the truth and supports the fact that we are living thro a laod of b.s. from the uk a country where the politicians dont know what the f...k they are doing

Hey thanX! i will have to disagree with you. ALL politicians, no matter which country, know VERY well what they are doing. They just follow orders and they do it very well! Same here in seems they are stupid but they show a great deal of commitment to thier orders. They are working very cleverly, but not in OUR favor.


- a year ago  

They behave as if they are under a spell...all governments have been compromised.. we are in a biological war, a world war..evil is now openly rearing it's ugly head.