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The Scotch-Irish Viking



Breaking Bad

  - 3:49

An Original Hip Hop Track about Methamphetamine from the perspective of the user and the drug. 🚫💉💊☠️ Created by: M.C.🎼M.Savage 2022 © #[email protected] #TheSavageUnderground #MikeSavage #BandLab #Independent_Artist #Positive_HipHop Breaking Bad I don't wanna know you please go away. I don't wanna hold you in my hand everyday. You just want control of me, I'll do as you say. Though, you are my enemy, I still want to play. When you're runnin' through me, My pain's on display. Homies bumping into me, are you o.k.? Keepin' with bad company, Everyday I pay. Sleepin' with my tragedy, My skins turnin' grey. [She says]... Have a line. [She says]... I'm devine. [She says]... You'll be fine. [She says]... You're all mine! {Musical Gap} [She says]... I'm the latest rave. [She says]... You are now my slave. [She says]... Don't be sad. [She says]... Everyone falls when Breaking Bad. Don't know what to do about this burden anymore. I am so confused, and I can't take no more. I'm about to lose, I must get out of this war. How can I refuse, when shes' always at my door. I don't have to choose, 'cause I know what's in store. Walking in the shoes of a dead man's decor. All this self abuse is destroying my core. [She says]... It'll be over soon. [She says]... Put me in the spoon. [She says]... My name's Lady Meth. [She says]... I'll love you to death. I can't run away, 'cause there's no where to hide. But I cannot stay where these demons abide. I don't want to pay, I want off of this ride. I must find a way because she's Killing me inside. I used to feel o.k. I used to feel alive. Weakened, here I lay, hoping to survive. I can only pray, as the reaper arrives. Words that display... Do not revive. [She says]... I'm a madman's dream. [She says]... I love to hear you scream. [She says]... Don't be sad. [She says]... Everyone falls when Breaking Bad. Written by: Michael W. Taylor May 22nd. 2022 ©






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- 3 weeks ago  

Love your lyrics. You ARe a lyricsl prodig.y.