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White House Spokesman: High Gas Prices Are For The Liberal World Order

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White House Spokesman: High Gas Prices Are For The Liberal World Order Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites... -






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July 2nd 2022  

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- a month ago  

So what Biden is actually saying is that the United States does not produce enough food to feed itself, including grains. What a ridiculous notion. It is equally ridiculous to state that the United States can't produce enough oil for its own needs since before Biden came into office they were producing more than enough for their own needs and for export to other countries. Since Biden came into office, the oil production in the United States has gone down by at least 2 million barrels per day. To give this more context, before Biden came into office every time the oil price would get around 60 to 65 dollars per barrel the production of shale oil would increase to bring up the supply and decrease the price. This is not happening now because nobody is going to invest tens of millions of dollars to bring on new production when the president of the United States has declared that he is going to end fossil fuels. This is all due to Biden's policies, or I should see to Obama's policies through his puppet Biden. Is there anybody left who is stupid enough to believe Biden is actually the one calling the shots?