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Q - The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

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January 11th 2021  

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THE CONNECTION BETWEEN 5G, CORONA VIRUS AND DONALD TRUMP  Welcome to the golden age. Since the beginning of mankind, information and knowledge has been used as a tool to control The human population,By controlling our thoughts and what we can think about. There are so many examples in our short history that can prove this. For example Kings, Queens, Corporate and state run media, And in most religions across the world. many leaders have been using censorship in order to gain power and Control in order to pass it down to its sons and daughters. Not saying that this is a bad or good, But maybe in some cases it was necessary to keep us from killing ourselves into extinction. But I believe that these powers have corrupted many leaders in history by using it to gain wealth and power. But since the beginning of the Internet this power has been turned around on them. By making it easy access to information and knowledge to the population. It has given people the ability to learn and hear The opinions of others, causing much panic to the corrupt beings who have been using info to gain wealth and power to steer the population into their agenda. But there was one mistake they made when designing this new world of cell phones, social media, and the ability to communicate info and knowledge across the world in a few seconds, Buy allowing video live streaming and other methods to get the latest news across the earth in seconds Has Been preventing others from suppressing the truth. Sharing has opened Pandora’s box and it wasn’t disease and other despicable viruses that was inside that box. it was sharing knowledge and information to others. They are panicking and desperate to shut the lid before too much gets out. It’s too late, it already Has escaped. This New Age will be much different than we have been accustomed to. Welcome to the beginning of the Golden age. So I ask myself, is there a connection between coronavirus,5G and vaccinations?I believe so,let me explain. Since the beginning of diseases many died but we discovered how to take a little of it,Then inject it into our bloodstream creating our ability to build up antibodies to fight various illness,creating a generation of children immune to many diseases.Like any cure there are side effects and sometimes bad ones causing many children to become crippled and nonfunctional in society as we know it.Vaccinations have been known to cause autism in large number of children and among all other various side effects. So I ask myself why, is this a bad thing or has it been necessary. In 2019 one out of every 80 children were born with autismIn. this started after vaccinations were distributed through the population. So what is autism? It is caused by an overactive brain function that causes children not to be able to cope with so much neurological activity, not being able to function in today’s world as we know it, what about tomorrow’s world? and what will it look like in the future,so much about technology is changing, 5G, NeuroLink giving our brains the ability to link wireless to a computer, no more controls to push, to communicate by thoughts, controlling all forms of technology and communication with our minds.I know this sounds like a sci-fi show,but this is actively being developed as we speak by the likes of Bill Gates,Elon Musk and many others in high-tech spending billions if not trillions to develop this technology. So is there a connection between 5G in the coronavirus?I say yes, just look at what has happened in 2020. Since the implementation of this new technology,the world has gone upside down, between countries locking down and crashing economies,Creating fear and panic, all over a virus that is just the flu 2.0. as more statistics come and prove the real mortality rate is minuscule. So why is the earth freaking out? Why the big push for our children and young people being affected by the lockdown to get the vaccination. Life won’t be back to normal until we get this New Age vaccination. Why don’t we just use the old vaccination that we have been using for hundreds of years? Why alter our DNA to prevent a virus,especially to young people? is to alter the next generation of children to become functionally autistic?Just think about it,many children with autism have abilities that we don’t have,such a savants in others with abnormal brain function. So what is Normal brain function? With normal brain function we only use 10% of our brains capacity and I believe it by watching today’s news and other crazy things going on in the world,but what about the other 90% just maybe that Dormant part of all our brains were put there for a reason. In the future we will be able to activate sections of our brain that are currently inactive. Welcome to the dawn of the Golden age. Why has the Pentagon released the existence of UFOs, basically acknowledging the existence of advanced alien life? It is because they are here and have been here for a long time and will be here a long time after. The thing is they have been watching us and played a big part in our technological and biological advancement ,helping humans To become a part of the galactic community. So why haven’t they shown themselves? In order for us to evolve to space race we must build the infrastructure for this advancement first. They cannot bring the infrastructure with them they must make it here for example,Computer technologies, Pharmaceutical industries,mining Industries,the Hydron collider, and many other advancements that we don’t even know about yet. so if humans want to become a part of the space community we must evolve into it by means of the Corona vaccinations and other technological advancements. Trust in their plan For humanity,after all they made us in their image. Who is Donald Trump and how the hell did he win in 2016? To first answer this question you must go back in time when Donald was young boy, He had an uncle, a very special uncle. He was very smart man, a leading figure in the scientific community, guess you’d call him a genius, and it’s so happens he was put in charge of all teslas research after he mysteriously died and all his life research and development was confiscated by the US government. He spent the rest of his life developing Teslas drawings and papers that he made during his amazing life. When Donald was young ,he had a very dear friend named John Junior Kennedy. They remained close friends up to the day his airplane crashed in the ocean killing all aboard. John Junior vowed he would never stop fighting to bring the Assassins who killed his father to justice and he died trying. now comes Donald Trump, devastated and driven to take over where his best friend and confidant left off. This is when the world split into Globalism and nationalism. They needed a champion for the average people. One who could stand up against constant barrage of hatred and ridicule. Not just for the champion but all relatives related and Known to be his friends. Surely this is a monumental task that will only work if history of him and all connections are pure of any lies and deception. and so began Donald Trump’s long and illustrious career. The People’s champion has come. So sit back,take a deep breath,relax and enjoy the show,trump 2020. [email protected]