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Pro-vaxers decide what to do about all the vaccine deaths...

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Isaiah 14 1. Because Maryah shall have mercy on Jacob and shall be pleased with Israel, and shall leave them in their lands, and the inhabitants shall enter upon them -- they shall increase the House of Jacob. 2. And the nations shall fetch them and bring them to their land, but they shall be the inheritance of the House of Israel, in the land of Maryah, the servants and the maidens, and they shall provide for their providers, and they shall have authority over their subjugators. 3. And on the Day that Maryah shall give you rest from your consternation, from your anger, and from the heavy servitude of your enslavement; 4. You shall relate* this proverbial tale about the King of Babylon, and say, "How was the ruler deposed,* and the insurgent overthrown!" 5. Maryah broke the staff of the depraved, and the rod of the ruler, 6. Who beat the nations without warning, with blows that could not be repelled, and he exiled the nations with contempt, and wiped out those that did not submit. 7. The whole earth became restful and calm and cried out in praise. 8. Even the perennials and the cedars of Lebanon rejoiced over you, "since the season that you were reduced in stature,* no one climbed up to cut us down." 9. Sheol murmurs from below in anticipation of your arrival; the giants of the earth have been apprised of your coming,* together with all the rulers of the earth that you toppled* from their thrones. 10. And the kings of the nations answer and say to you, "Have you also been struck down like us, and ended up like us?" 11. And your honor has been brought down to Sheol, and your harps are dead; beneath you the hill has been flattened,* 12. How have you fallen from heaven, O, Night Star* in the morning? How have you fallen to earth, O, despoiler of nations? 13. You have said in your heart that I have ascended to heaven, and my throne is higher than the stars of Eil and I sit on the high mountain in the extremities of the north. 14. And you rose to the height of the cloud






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September 18th 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

The way I see it the medical "profession" has its head in the sand or up their asses, it's hard to BELIEVE they BELIEVE that vaccines prevent illness, disease and death. The problematic thought is a BELIEF in a false but seemingly logical and easy to understand cause and effect scenario of germ theory and disease which only contains, wait for it, a germ of truth. Vaccination on the whole is extremely dangerous considering the non-human biological elements and the ferments contained in the vaccines are being injected directly into a healthy body bypassing the protective layer of skin. Does Injecting germs into the body to prevent germs from attacking the body sound like a safe practice? They believe it does! Beliefs can be dangerous. ...this is a religious cult of safety, an act of silliness that has gone on long enough and it must stop. There are other ways to stabilize populations without the capitalism and trickery of the medical industry.


- 2 weeks ago  

Works for me.