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NWO The black pope, the hidden conspiracy exposed

  - 14:35

Sourced of - Blue Sky - Allen Lamont Explains The Jesuit/Vatican Conspiracy Mirrored Channel : joggler66 Trump/Biden and his cohort Obama are the head of white/black papacy. The society of Zeus Satan that ancient serpent is the unholy synagogue of Satan that ancient serpent the red dragon of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. They led the entire world to worship and pray to the name of a god who cannot heal and cannot Save. Only Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene Saves. This is the only name given to humanity by which you receive the Covenant of Life. Before you ignorant fools try to say otherwise, humble yourselves and read the evangelizing gospel. Linked at Woe to those who judge their Maker! I have not given you any other name that will give you the endowment of Me the Holy Spirit. You're on a one way track to the sea of eternal hellfire refusing to obey Me the Allaha of Heaven, which is 100% of you. Your pride and vanity is killing you. Faith without works is dead faith. You must work for Me the Allaha of Heaven performing the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha. And worship the one Who created heaven and the earth and the seas and the water springs. You cannot serve two masters. Repent in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene. If I were you, I would skip sleeping and do so non-stop or you will be harvested to the sea of eternal hellfire. I'm not stopping the Apocalypse to give you more time to serve Satan when you were never authorized by Me the Allaha of Heaven to do so nor to sin whatsoever. This is easy. Push that easy button. I have done all of the work, you have to participate and pull your own dead weight to Life! Amen.






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September 21st 2022  

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