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Satan's Children A True Story of Satanic Ritual Children (MANY) Sexual Abuse and Human Sacrifices

  - 18:28

This story was originally aired by 60 Minutes. It's a horror story about the real life events endured by a young girl at the hands of her grandmother and the satanic cult she belonged to at the time. This girl is never going to recover from what she was put through. Her entire life will be haunted by these events. Satanism is real. This is going to be difficult for some of you that are not aware that this type of abuse and satanic cult sex rituals and human sacrifices take place, and usually go unchecked when good men do nothing, as shameful as that is. Repent in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene! All workers of abomination and blasphemers are being removed from the earth forever. One Enoch. The harvest of the children of the evil one concludes this universe. The Testament of Matthew, Chapter 13 the evangelizing gospel. You are commanded to perform the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha. You cannot serve two masters. You must get busy right away performing the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha and worship the one Who created heaven and the earth and the seas and the water springs! You will be harvested if you failed the Day of Judgment by not accepting the wholesome love by which you would live the everlasting life. Our Lord comes next as the second angel of the Apocalypse. The rapture happens after that. There are many universes yet to come. Amen.






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