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Chris Sky: I TRIED TO TELL YOU....The 3rd Boosters...

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I am the Advocate Spirit of Truth the Allaha of Heaven. 100% of My Testimony is the Truth! Amen. MUST SEE! The Angel Gabriel Announced The Return Of Our Lord! SHARE THIS! HOT!! MUST SEE! The Second Angel of the Apocalypse! SHARE THIS! EVERYTHING You Think To Be True Is A Lie! Your immune system is gone by the third shot. I tried to warn people too, Chris. They get paid to take those shots and it delights them not caring that they are getting sick and dying. Yep. Not even the first two are worth it. That's SORCERY! They did a round of placebos at first early on, then straight graphene oxide content mixed with self replicating nanobots and the Organism 46-B nephilim demonic carnivorous creature from below eggs - weaponized demons growing inside of you up to 25m long - the masses being removed from cadavers AND those who did not perish. A local powwow dancer has had two massive blood clots in each thigh and one in his hip removed. He has danced powwows for over thirty years and now he cannot dance any longer since a year and a half ago now. He got sick after each shot.






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September 22nd 2022  

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