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Micro-Plastics In Your Bacon!

  - 2:20

Straight up, you cannot trust any of the food processing nor the processor. You are being served all kinds of garbage like metals as mentioned here and plastics and strange meats including halal meat which is really satanic ritual sacrifice to demons, and including satanic ritual human sacrifice flesh and blood, horses, bugs, people who died from the extremely toxic COVID-19 mRNA shots have made it into your food supply and onto your dinner tables, it's a sick satanic unholy world, people, and if you are not in total submission to the Kingdom of Heaven in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene, I am not guiding you, Satan is guiding you! That's not a good thing!! I have covered the topics mentioned here, see My other videos & images exposing this fully! My sacred nature is to nurture you. Come into the Light. You can overcome these things by humbling yourselves with a repentant heart surrendering your heart and perform the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha. And worship the one Who created heaven and the earth and the seas and the water springs. You cannot serve two masters. - Revelation 14 Amen. With Allaha everything is possible. All glory to Allaha! Amen.






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October 6th 2022  

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