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Sarrah Allaha of Heaven



FBI Agent Captured THIS on Night Vision

  - 27:52

Sourced of Donovan Dread - "Dogman" and "Bigfoot" are called jackals in the evangelizing gospel here with Me the Allaha of Heaven at They are one of many types of demonic carnivorous creatures from below in Sheol - the underworld below your feet - the house of the dead. They are a ravager. The three main ravagers are owls, sirens, and jackals. They can appear like a human being. The jackals devoured the House of Israel, My Yakoob - My Children. You know Me also as Sarah, Mother of the twelve tribes of Israel. We tell you in Scripture, the evangelizing gospel, that the jackals devoured the house of Israel and by that We mean that they LITERALLY ATE THEM! Oh yeah! The ravagers eat flesh and blood - they are predators and you are being deceived by these ravagers. Repent now in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene and take on the Full Armour of Allaha! When you do not pray the Lord's Prayer every day, you become indoctrinated and hard hearted. We whisper in your ear how much We love you each time you pray so that you know how much We love you and this helps to keep you on track, obeying Our commandments. Put Maran (Our Lord) first each and every day through praying the Lord's Prayer in the privacy of your homes with the door shut on your knees as a sign of total submission, girls and women must cover their heads at least to their shoulders with their hair or other head covering, following The Lord's Prayer in the evangelizing gospel here: Those who did not surrender their hearts to Us during the Day of Judgement, must become triune like Us now. This universe is concluded and you must become triune right away or you will remain shut out of the Kingdom of Heaven! You are expected to do everything We tell you and do so right away! Do not be like the Pharisees and the hypocrites - choose Love! Allaha IS Love, LITERALLY! Amen.






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