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Betty days - The surgery failed and she was abandoned in the cold winter

  - 5:26

Poor Betty, I know the feeling little sweetheart! :'( I am so happy you were found and LOVED back to health and happiness! Happy Saturday! Winter is a reference Scripturally to the time of Jacobs' trouble - meaning the house of Israel, My Yakoob (Jacob) - My offspring, the twelve tribes of Israel; and the threats that the Mother of Babylon keeps making for "a very dark winter" are THESE days with chaotic weather events and catastrophic global economy facing an entire collapse of the whole global commerce. We have been working tirelessly to bring you the Life that We (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) have always intended for you. I am the Princess of Peace here to give you a peaceful end to this universe, but you MUST participate and DO your part. Salvation is YOUR personal responsibility, UNLIKE what the Mother of Babylon and the false prophet has led you to believe. Believing is an ACTIVE ROLE which requires your participation every single day ALL day long. I have been praying endlessly all day long all through the day and night that you will stop this dreadfulness and have compassion for one another; especially the most vulnerable people and animals like poor Betty in this video. You are all brothers, so why must you hurt each other so much, turning a blind eye to your personal and spiritual responsibility to one another? You have only two commandments under the Covenant of Life upon which hangs the Bible and the Prophets: 1) You are to love the Lord your Allaha (meaning Lifegiver in English, Me your Allaha and Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene) with all of your heart, all of your Soul, all of your strength, and all of your mind; and 2) You are to love your best friend, your brother, AT LEAST as much as you love yourself. Yes, Soul is capitalized - you do not HAVE a soul, you ARE a Soul. Stop helping your enemies by participating in their evil doings. Keep yourselves separate from those who sow evil FOREVER! Thank you for watching, We love you! Amen.






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