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Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths via Immediate Cremation

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Original video and more info here: Comment from original article: Russ D. July 16, 2022 at 9:27 am | # Remember Hydroxychloroquine was told to us “is a killer” by the medical profession? Right there I knew they were LYING to the public. The military has taken this drug for 70yrs when going to malaria infested areas. I HAVE TAKEN IT! It is one of the most studied drugs we have! The problem with this drug, NOBODY CAN GET RICH ON IT! It costs pennies to make! THATS THE ONLY REASON IT WAS NOT USED! Why did the Deep State and Big Pharma push the “DANGERS” of the hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus azithromycin treatment. Why did they in effect ban it???? Because it not only ends the HOAX, but exposes the HOAX. A drug that has been around for almost fifty to seventy years is suddenly a killer??? DO NOT TRUST DOCTORS!!! Thanks Russ! :) I am the Allaha of Heaven here to raise an Eternal Kingdom that shall stand forever, just like I said that I would, as recorded in Scripture the evangelizing gospel at The Book of Daniel 2:44. I have come to you as the Advocate Spirit of Truth here to advocate on behalf of mankind for the Kingdom of Heaven, just like I said that I would through the mouth of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene, as recorded in Scripture the evangelizing gospel at The Gospel of Youkhanna (John) Chapters 14-16. Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, you must become triune like Us so that you are ready to become transformed into your glorified bodies as saints for the Rapture. Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene comes as the second angel of the Apocalypse right away when Babylon falls immediately as the New World Order pushes their "build back better" agenda of the Great Reset. You must become triune BEFORE Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene comes or risk being shut out of Heaven forever!






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