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1. 2. 3. 4. 42 year old 6’9” healthy athletic father with no health conditions joins his 6’9” son in ICU with brain blood clots after first Covid injection for both. Son in hospital for weeks and scored 16 points in high school basketball game enough before jab to go on LDS mission. Dad just hospitalized. PS: People, whether working in news media, the health industry, or politicians, should go to jail for life, at the very least, for pushing, promoting, or forcing Covid vaccines on anyone. Also, Big Pharma should be 100% open to lawsuits and should be forced to pay full damages caused by their Covid vaccines, as the number for deaths and injuries cause by their toxic product keeps on climbing at an alarming rate. Say no to any Covid vaccine, tests, and any vaccination passport. #RobynOpenshaw #CovidVaccine #EverestRomney #Vaccine #Covid #VaccineWarning #VaccineDanger






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May 24th 2021  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- 3 years ago  

This is a safe and solid platform to keep your video up.. I hope you get all the help you need. remember 2nd Chronicles 7:14

Destroy the WEF!

- 3 years ago  

The real powers behind the Nazis and Dr. Mengele never went away, were never brought to justice and are therefore still at it. If you follow the money that enabled Nazi Germany‘s war machine against Europe, as well as the October revolution and Soviet Russia‘s war against Germany, and later on many other regime changes and phony wars, you‘ll always end up with the same group of globalist banksters. They started out as a secretive group called «The Pilgrims» … you might wanna read up on those guys, because later on they created e.g. the Council on Foreign Relations. Regarding the big "regime changes" in the last century: in order to be able to plunder unhindered, sovereign national structures had to disappear. In 1914 it was initially a question of destroying the three great dynasties on the European continent. Cardinal John Murphy Farley, Archbishop of New York, declared at the Eucharistic World Congress of Lourdes (July 22-26 1914): "The war in preparation will be a struggle between international capital and the ruling dynasties. Capital does not want to have anything or anyone above itself, knows no God or Lord, and wants all states to be governed as a great banking business. Their profit shall become the sole guide of the rulers (...) Business (...) only and alone." World War 1 went live only two days later when Austria-Hungary's Emperor Franz Ferdinand declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia due to the assassination of some minor archduke from Austria by some serbian dimwit belonging to a separatist movement called the “Black Hand”. Of course they then told us that it was all Germany’s fault. This maxim has not changed until today. The next regime change began with the enthronement of Hitler. "One can say for a good reason that Adolf Hitler might not have been possible without Henry Ford," said Willy Wimmer (former german State Secretary of Defense under CDU-chancellor Helmut Kohl). With Werner Rügemer one might add: "The Wall Street banks, which had given the German Reich extensive loans during the 1920s (Dawes Plan 1924, Young Plan 1929), deferred and forgave these loans to the Nazi regime. Twenty large US corporations (...) also gladly used forced laborers supplied by the SS. Without the oil products of Standard Oil (later Esso, Exxon), the Wehrmacht would not have been able to wage the energy-intensive wars throughout Europe, North Africa, and against the Soviet Union [and therefore the industrial complex of Auschwitz was not to be bombed]. Hitler's Blitzkrieg, the transport planning in occupied Europe, and the large-scale capture of Jews would not have been possible without the information technologies of ITT, IBM, and their german subsidiary DEHOMAG (Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft mbH). Ford and General Motors produced engines and trucks for [and against] the Russian campaign [because they also operated corresponding armaments industries in the Soviet Union]. Prof. Antony C. Sutton‘s book "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" and Prof. Guido Giacomo Preparata’s book "Conjuring Hitler - How Britain and America made the Third Reich" go even further. According to these historians, the IG-Farben group, of which US Senator Homer T. Bone told the Senate Committee for Military Affairs "Farben was Hitler und Hitler was Farben" on 4 June 1943, was deeply rooted in the US economy. In addition to Hermann Schmitz from the head of the German parent company, the board of directors of the subsidiary of IG Farben, the "American IG Farben", also included leading US capitalists, including the FED, the Bank of Manhattan, the National City Bank, Standard Oil and Ford Motor Co. According to Prof. Sutton, the liaison to the ITT Group was the banker Kurt Freiherr von Schröder, of all people, whose villa in Cologne had hosted the decisive meeting for Hitler's seizure of power and who, as the guardian of ITT interests in Germany, had ITT funds funneled to the SS. If one then reads "Hitler's American Teachers" by Hermann Ploppa and understands that the whole Nazi ideology and their eugenics bullshit was copied from Anglo-American sources and ideologies (e.g. Rockefeller's eugenics movement and racial theories), it suddenly becomes pretty clear who was the master, and who was the student. Beginning in the early 2000s we experienced the third large-scale regime change against Europe and esp. Germany with the "Weapons of Mass Migration" (planned since the mid 80s of the last century) and it looks like this time they really got us for good. Now the very same bastards roll out their 4th Reich based on their virus fairytales. If you care to learn some real history, as opposed to the curated BS version of history, and wanna know who is behind the “us vs. them” paradigm, you might start here: “From JFK to 9/11 — Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” (it actually starts with WW2, not with JFK).