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DONALD TRUMP THE FLIP-FLOP [email protected]

  - 23:13

Trump was always a flip-flopping fraud clown, and he's even discriminating against vaccine free healthy patriots in his own businesses, asking for proof of vaccination, which totally violates medical privacy laws; And this whole Hillary, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Muller, Schumer, Schiff, Romney, McConnell, Fauci and Fake News vs Trump feud, or the stop the steal election fraud, it was all theater play for the gullible, to make Trump look like the victim, when in fact, he was also part of the fraud being played on Americans, to divide the people and create more chaos. Under is watch as President, Trump let American cities burn and be looted for months by communist terrorist thugs, and pretty much did nothing, other than his blaming game, when he was commander in chief of the whole military. And now, Faux Biden plays dumb in front of cameras, to make Trump look better, like a savior, which he never was. Always remember, that President Trump's first foreign trip, was straight to Saudi dictatorship money, to serve his war profiteer financial interests, and his daughter Ivanka's foundation, with a $100 million donation, a foundation just as crooked as the Clintons. Finally, never once Donald Trump lifted the finger to fight censorship of the people on social media platforms, pretty much making it acceptable to censor free speech. Don't count on any politicians to save you, save yourselves instead; Denounce corruption from all sides, and do not comply to evil. We keep falling for the same old fascist globalists divide and conquer game, but now is the time for people on all sides to wake up, and see the fraud in all parties, and simply stop complying with any of them. PS: In french Trump (Trompe), means to deceive. TRUMP IS A [email protected] DISCRIMINATING AGAINST [email protected] FREE PATRIOTS: TRUMP WENT 7 TIMES ON EPSTEIN'S LOLITA EXPRESS #TrumpCovidVaccine #DonaldTrump #TrumpFlipFlop #Trump






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December 31st 2021  

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- a year ago  

We know he's an idiot but at least he can handle steps and finish sentences.


- a year ago SUSPENDED ME for 24 HOURS for posting this video. I guess CENSORSHIP is a ONE WAY STREET HYPOCRISY for some, where criticizing corrupt Democrats is OK, but not corrupt Republicans. (Definitively no longer supporting WeGo)