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Doctor Bacon



Fauci Needs To Be Grounded

  - 2:01

Dr. Theresa Long Affidavit ~






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November 12th 2021  

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- 2 months ago  

People really need to wake up to THEIR OWN SINISTER HIDEOUS BULLSHIT! As one of the angels of the plagues of the Apocalypse, he ONLY has authority over those people who became devils because they can't pick up the best selling Book of ALL TIME, the Bible! He IS a very naughty devil who set up the United States for the Remdesivir - protocols lethal combination being played out at every single hospital and ICU in the entire country by LYING about the Ebola study that he quoted claiming it was proven "safe and effective". Remdesivir & Protocols GENOCIDE! THE PROOF 🧾 FRAUDCI FAUCI LIED NON-STOP to MURDER MANKIND! If anyone who succumbed to this devastating nightmare HAD ALREADY BOTHERED with cracking open the pages of the best selling Book of ALL TIME and STUDIED IT LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING they would have known that ALL MEDICINE IS SATANISM! PHARMACY COMES FROM THE GREEK WORD PHARMAKIEA WHICH MEANS LITERALLY SORCERY AND SATANISM - STRONG'S And if SHE HAD EVEN BOTHERED WITH IT, SHE WOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT you should NEVER worship ANY human being! You have One Leader One Master One Rabboni the King Priest Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene and Father Allaha, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the ONLY Temple is YOU!