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China Tackles Climate Change

  - 2:35

China's economy and infrastructure thrives on fossil fuel and nuclear energies.






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May 1st 2021  

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- a year ago  

The problem in the USA and it's western world peers is the liberal woke voter of which most are driven by and influenced by women voters. No other segment of the destruction of western world values and life is greater than the hormonally driven emotional female liberal woke voter. If the USA and western world nations fall it will be at the hands of irrational liberals of which women dominate. Once in a dystopian fallen society, nobody will then care about anything liberal or feminist.


- a year ago  



- a year ago  

I happen to disagree. I know many women conservative voters. Many peoples votes are swayed to liberal because of the false promises to prevent climate change from leftist politicians. Also creating division among the races claiming black lives are suppressed and free money should be handed out to those who don’t want to work when in truth they are only using the black community and lgbtq to gain popularism when in fact they don’t care about these people and their freedoms. Also what your speaking of is further removing rights of the people by saying women should not vote, the people that should not be voting are the ones who cannot prove u.s. citizenship.


- a year ago  

May 14th 2021 PSU faculty at Penn State University voted to replace traditional descriptors like strong, male-centric names, “freshman" and "sophomore" with "1st year" or "2nd year," citing the former's obvious bad “alpha male-centric names." ————- Testosterone in men including sperm count have fallen by 1.3% per year since 1970’s to today per multiple studies. This over 50% drop in Testosterone and sperm count in American males coming of age in 50 years isn’t due to chemical environmental changes from plastics or such because American females coming of age are actually seeing an increase in not Estrogen but their Testosterone. ————- For young males sharp 50%+ in 50 years drop between 1970 to 2021 in Testosterone isn’t environmental but societal. From kindergarten to university today’s radical feminized education of boys cannot let boys become men but prefer that they become video game basement dwellers living at home with their mommies.