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Wendy Rogers reads huge announcement Election Audit Released

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Uploaded 2 months ago  

October 9th 2021  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 months ago  

No KING but Jesus, not ANY of the old guard, not a bad-don, obiden, and NOT the filthy lucre orange man sell out !

Barbarossa 296

- 2 months ago  

While the hopium addicts are waiting for imaginary judicial or political solutions to the successful cultural Marxist/Globalist political coup, the Biden/Harris regime has successfully purged Federal law enforcement and is currently purging the U.S. military of oath keepers, Trump supporters, and anyone else who might not be “woke” enough to kill American citizens on American soil. A classic Communist take-over occurs before these “Patriots’” very eyes and they are blind to it. Ignoring the decades-long legacy of unenforced laws, these “Patriots” seem to think that suddenly these laws shall be enforced and that somehow someway Trump shall be reinstalled as President! Didn’t they hear that Trump himself declared that in no way does he seek to overturn the last election ( In the same breath that they declare the 2020 election “stolen” these hopium addicts declare that they’ll win in 2022 and 2024! The Communists don’t care about law because they’ve proven time and again that laws are meaningless without power (enforcement) and as long as they have power they can do what they want! These Communists are playing by their own rules and most of our “Patriots” are clueless as to what those rules are. So while the Communists are playing by Mao’s “love comes from the barrel of a gun” rules, too many of our “Patriots” are trying to pretend that the checks and balances created by the Founding Fathers didn’t fail long ago. That the Executive Branch doesn’t write its own laws or refuses to enforce those laws passed by the Legislature that it dislikes. That it doesn’t ignore rulings by the courts that displease it. They don’t believe that the Judicial Branch interprets law to give it meanings that the authors never intended. They believe that the Legislative Branch doesn’t pass bloated budgets, non-binding resolutions, and laws that do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do. And they apparently believe that our Representatives always loyally represent us. Now while the Communists prepare to lock us down or force us to take a “vaccine” or be “cancelled” because of a pandemic that they manufactured so that they can continue their power grab, far too many of our “Patriots” are getting their next fix of hopium. Karl Marx once said that religion was the opium of the masses. Today, hopium is the opium of our “Patriots”. So far, these addicts haven’t so much as lifted a finger to stop the Communists from consolidating their ill gotten power!