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COVID-19 The Double Face of Ethylene Oxide

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Uploaded 3 years ago  

March 24th 2021  

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- 3 years ago  

And the sheeple will just keep listening to the government and the talking heads.


- 3 years ago  

If ethylene oxide is a sterilising agent and the test swabs are coated with it, wouldn't that kill the very thing they're supposed to be collecting from up your nose? This, ironically, does not pass the sniff test. Resist pcr testing. It is NOT an appropriate diagnostic tool and, at the high cycle thresholds being used, may be returning 90% false positives. Pcr testing is part of the fear mongering to enable population control. Once this totalitarianism is firmly established, the real killing will begin. Better wake up to what these psychopathic monsters are really up to! Mass testing the healthy and imprisoning everyone to 'protect the vulnerable' whilst destroying the economic infrastructure is absolute madness. Ask yourselves ... why does Japan, with neither lockdown nor economic shutdown, have 30 times less death rate than USA, UK & EUROPE? For every 30 Japanese deaths, we have 900! Why? Why have alternative treatments been vigorously supressed? Why has the known importance of Vitamin D and Zinc deficiency not been acted upon? The verifiable data from Japan means that, in the West, with damaging lockdowns and economic vandalism, 97 out of 100 deaths from Sars Cov-2 are preventable and unnecessary. So why the hell are we allowing our elected representatives to continue with this insanity?

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 3 years ago  

China is an enemy, I bought some metal spoons made in china and they have soft metals like lead in them. If you rub them on a white towel, you can see the dark metallic lead, zinc and tin right on to the towel.