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Were Fighting For Our Lives We Must Unite by Dr Vernon Coleman

  - 33:11






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Uploaded 3 years ago  

March 24th 2021  

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- 3 years ago  

Speaking the truth Dr. Coleman. I have sadly found when I point out much of this stuff to my circle of family, friends and acquaintances that many just refuse to even consider my points made. That and/or they get mad and confrontational with me. This had shocked me to now bite my tongue about all this Convid 19 and non vaccine vaccines stuff with them. I need to keep my own peace of mind. That said I decide I can offer more points made by posting online and figure that maybe thousands will see my points made as Dr. Coleman does here. They may atleast try to get more informed because of points I make about Convid 19. This way I feel I may actually have more impact. It bothers me that some or many in my personal circle seem to not want to even hear any points that counter the narrative on Convid 19 and those non vaccine vaccines, or they actually get angry at my words. These people know me and know it's not my nature to push bull 💩, but the propaganda machine is so effing powerful on many of these peoples minds. 😢 So I will keep putting my points online so that maybe thousands may read them, but I will continue to be wary of what any how much I say around some or many in my personal circle....I need to keep my peace of mind even though I have so much to say to them. I pray to God everyday since my personal red pilling a few years ago and moved from my own blind liberal brainwashing.... My prayers to God for myself, my family, my friends and humanity helps keep my mind in check and my soul clean.🙏

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 3 years ago  

 Doctor Vernon Coleman is spot on and correct, Thank you sir.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The chair is against the wall and John has a long mustache.


- 3 years ago  

I wonder how many people may get your point made at the end of your post? You look to have watched the movie the Longest Day about the 1944 Normandy invasion. Codes triggered the French resistance to subvert the Nazis as the Allied invasion of France began.👍